Equality and Diversity Publications:



Blood, I., Lomas, M., and Robinson, M. (2016) Every child: equality and diversity in arts and culture with, by and for children and young people, Arts Council England. [link coming soon]


Blood, I. (2014) Equality impact assessment report: proactive, urgent and elective care business cases, NHS Mansfield and Ashfield CCG / NHS Newark and Sherwood CCG.


Blood, I. (2012) New Health Deal for Trafford: Equality Analysis of the Public Consultation fro NHS Greater Manchester http://manchester.gov.uk/egov_downloads/5H_Equality_Analysis_Report.pdf



Blood, I. & Bamford, S.M. (2010) Equality and diversity and older people with high support needs, International Longevity Centre UK / Joseph Rowntree Foundation http://www.jrf.org.uk/sites/files/jrf/supporting-older-people-full.pdf


Equality Works led by Blood, I. (2009) Baseline assessment of equality and human rights, NHS East Midlands.


Law Society Scotland / Equality Works (2009) Ensuring fairness, creating opportunities: A practical guide to equality and diversity for Scottish solicitors http://www.lawscot.org.uk/media/87992/ensuring-fairness-creating-opportunity.pdf 


Planning Advisory Service (2008), Equality and diversity: improving planning outcomes for the whole of the community, Improvement and Development Agency

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